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The Process

Since you and your good friend across the hall have similar skills, you will work as a team to develop the components you feel are important in persuading the superintendent that the one hour inservice is better than having you do the maintenance for everyone.

Step One
Together you will need to decide on the processes that must be done to the computer, the order of process, and optional maintenance that might be performed to help with the overall procedure. This you will develop into an agenda for the meeting. The agenda will give you a structure for the presentation and artifacts that you will create.

Resources you might use include:

Internet resources include:

Tech Tips

End of the Year Tune-Up


Computer Maintenance
Computer Maintenance Tutorial
Page Wise Computer Maintainence

Preventive Care
Helps and Hints
Troubleshooting Guide
System Care Guide

Preventative Maintenance

Computer Hope
On Line Technology

eMINTs Trouble Shooting module (if available)
Library Resources
such as
"Computer for Dummies"

Step Two
After researching and deciding on what people must do to maintain their computers, one of you will prepare a presentation with visuals for the hour inservice. This presentation should cover the topic in depth with details and examples. The topic should be organized in such a way that participants can easily follow steps and understand reasons for the maintenance. Graphics or screen captures should be used to clarify points.

The other person will prepare an artifact (checklist, flow chart, etc) for teachers to take with them as a guide and reminder when they return to their own classrooms and labs. The artifact should cover the required maintenance for the end of the year in an easy to follow pattern. It should be logically organized for easy in use. Part of the artifact will be some form of verification that can be turned in to indicate what maintenance was accomplished on their machines.

Step Three
Together you will write a persuasive letter to the superintendent stating your case for having an inservice rather than your doing the work yourself. This letter should state your position clearly with evidence of support for your position. This evidence should be relevant and explanations may include facts, statistics, examples, and/or experiences.

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